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Peoplevox Updates

Ambitious brands going live ahead of Peak 2020

Leo Connolly
  • 15 September 2020
  • 3 min read

A round up of the direct to consumer brands and online retailers who have begun their Peoplevox journey this August.

The searing form continues for the best-equipped implementation team in ecommerce across August. Our go-live legends pumped out 4 huge projects and we’re buzzing with each and every one of them. Here’s a quick overview of the four latest brands to join the Peoplevox crew.

Barulu - Brightpearl, Business Solutions in the Cloud 

Peoplevox is now going to be serving more than 50,000 Costa Ricans, as a fantastic company called Barulu (website - unimart.com) has implemented the WMS. They are an online retailer of consumer electronics, household gadgets, smartphones etc. Brightpearl will be managing their orders and product data, and handing over to Peoplevox for the warehouse processes. Our good friends at Business Solutions in the Cloud were on hand to integrate the solution together.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 14.40.40


ECO. Modern Essentials - Shopify Plus, Patchworks, Starshipit 

What would a go-live announcement be without a trip over to the Gold Coast. ECO. Modern Essentials are a beautifully creative and conscious wellness brand specialising in 100% pure essential oils and blends to support overall health and wellbeing. They’ll be bringing joy and wellbeing to more and more homes across Australia thanks to their Shopify store, connected to Peoplevox by Patchworks, with Starshipit adding courier connectivity. Their Youtube channel is home to educational content and product overviews, as well as this perfect video introducing the brand, their operation and some of the key figures.

Elite Eleven Sporting - Shopify, Patchworks, Shippit

While we’re down in Australia, we can talk about Elite Eleven. Melbourne based, just past their sixth birthday, and growing a reputation as a truly original brand at the intersection of fitness and fashion. Their apparel draws influence from both the sporting world and lifting culture, and with each launch their appeal widens globally. Peoplevox partners Shippit provide courier connection, whilst the classic Patchworks to Shopify collab is in play once again.

fitness wear warehouse

Closet London - BigCommerce, Patchworks, Scurri

Last, not least, Closet London. With passionate designers who have been hand-picking prints and fabrics and creating seasonal, versatile feminine garments out of London since 1996, Closet are an established retailer with an exceptional engaging online offering. Peoplevox has integrated to their BigCommerce ecommerce site thanks to Patchworks, and they’ll also be using Scurri for shipping.

implementing a wms


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