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Amazon - Pixar’s Buy N Large equivalent?

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

21 July 2015

Though it started out as a book retailer, Amazon has grown into the cool-uncle of the online world. Papa Google is the know-it-all who answers all of our, more often than not, stupid and embarrassing questions, but Amazon is there to show us where to buy the latest films and music; it gets us deals on branded items; and it even has its own video streaming service akin to Netflix.

In fact, the more I think on it, the more I’m starting to see parallels between Amazon and Pixar’s fictitious retailer Buy N Large from WALL.E. It delivers our food and gadgets, keeps us entertained, it’s always innovating, and - here’s the kicker - it even have its own space travel company. Anyone else getting a funny feeling?

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Only a company with BnL’s -- erm, Amazon’s -- influence could convince a whole mass of people to cement in a brand new sale holiday in the summer. It takes an eCommerce retailer with serious confidence to pull such a stunt off so, naturally, it was always going to be Amazon who stepped up to the plate and pitched a home run - Prime Day was a success. What’s more, according to the Vice President of Amazon Prime, Greg Greeley, we can expect the day to be penciled into our calendars in the future.

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Since Black Friday 2014, it has likely been the wish of all retailers for a sale day in the summer. Last year’s Black Friday took many retailers by surprise with its astonishing sales figures, and a large number of eCommerce companies were unprepared for the huge volume of customers.

The secret to succeeding on Black Friday, as we at Peoplevox know very well by now, is having logistics and order fulfilment processes that can stand up to the pressure. It isn’t exactly news that Amazon’s logistics are, shall we say, incredibly refined. For eCommerce retailers without the billionaire CEO, however, simply investing in dedicated warehouse management software will see your processes run faster and more efficiently.

Want the proof? We have a number of case studies to back up the facts.

Those retailers who were preparedfor Black Friday were smart and managed to clear a lot of stock to make way for their winter lines. As such, having a similar event ahead of the summer sales is like getting free cake on your day off, delivered by Chris Pratt in a dinosaur suit - or something to that effect.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative feedback from consumers on Prime Day, more than 34 million items were ordered by Prime users worldwide, making that a staggering 398 items ordered per second. That almost makes Black Friday 2014 look like any normal trading day comparatively.

The main gripe from consumers was the quality of the deals - many got up early to buy themselves enough electronics to fill a small van, but all the deals of that sort had sold out within minutes. Amazon are happy to claim a victory, however, and they have probably learned a great deal from Prime Day 2015 to make their next attempt a real killer.

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They’ve already conquered eCommerce, now they have their own sales day holiday which will undoubtedly encourage more consumers to sign up to Prime, and their delivery drones were patented earlier this year. So, what’s the next step for Amazon? Dare we say WALL.E robots and space-cruise ships?

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