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Did your warehouse cope during Valentine’s?

Paul Mullin
  • 20 February 2017
  • 3 min read

A new report has found that the Valentine’s holiday may be a little less busy than it was in the previous year. In America,  the National Retail Federation predicts that shoppers will spend just over $18 billion, a significant decrease from last year’s $19.7 billion spend.

However, maybe you noticed that this Valentine’s has been especially busy and that could be enough of a trigger for you to look into a potential WMS to help save costs, stress and heartache for you and your customers.

You may already be on top of your needs during Valentine’s Day and all the other busy periods throughout the year. Hiring temporary staff, training them on the entire warehouse process and making sure all the technology you use is up to scratch.

These periods are vital as they present great opportunity, the chance to acquire new customers and to provide your existing customers with excellent service so that they keep coming back for more. This means that not only do your existing warehouse operatives and temporary staff need to be at the top of their game, your management and back office staff also need to be alert during this period.

If any part of the supply chain falters it could see your e-commerce operation slip up and deliveries go out late or misspelling stock. This will inevitably lead to a poor customer experience, and at such time sensitive periods as Valentine’s this can result in complaints.

Mobile becomes more important

Researchers shifted their way through more than 1.2 billion digital purchases last year and one of the stands out findings was that sales via mobile devices rose a gigantic 79% between February 10 and 12.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest shopping category was flowers/gifts (220% increase, followed by health/beauty (47% increases). It’s important that e-commerce companies and multi-channel retailers have the right systems in place to meet these increased demands on holidays such as Valentine’s Day. It’s also interesting to note that the research found that Smartphone sales outpaced desktop sales by 3 times to 1 a signal of the buy and go nature of the modern day consumer.

Mobile will also become increasingly important inside of the warehouse as well, with those e-commerce companies that adopt a mobile first approach most likely to succeed by having technology in place that gives the warehouse an oversight as to where everything is and what stock level is like in real-time.

By implementing a WMS you can quickly train your seasonal staff and ensure that picking and order accuracy rates remain high. Ultimately, WMS will allow you to become more competitive through real-time data transfer across your supply chain.

For more information on how a WMS can help transform your e-commerce operations, download our free e-book ’11 things to consider before you implement an e-commerce Warehouse Management System’

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