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Peoplevox Updates

Built for NetSuite Warehouse Management System

Oliver Rhodes
  • 16 February 2017
  • 3 min read

“NetSuite is highly synergistic to Peoplevox in that we both focus on helping dynamic e-commerce businesses scale profitability and are totally committed to the software as service (SaaS) delivery model.”

— Jonathan Bellwood, Founder & CEO, Peoplevox.

Peoplevox E-Commerce WMS receives NetSuite accreditation.

Peoplevox has received a Built for NetSuite accreditation for our dedicated e-commerce Warehouse Management System (WMS).

What is ‘Built for Netsuite?’

“Built for NetSuite” is NetSuite's initiative to educate and assist SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) Partners with their goal to provide quality SuiteApps. The program provides SDN Partners with principles and guidelines for developing SuiteApps in accordance with industry and NetSuite design best practices.

It also provides a method for SDN Partners to verify that they have implemented these best practices in building their SuiteApp, and making it available. The Built for NetSuite program is built on the foundation of Education, Consultation and Confirmation.

Our NetSuite integrated E-Commerce WMS will now be available on the NetSuite SuiteApps store and clients will automatically benefit from ongoing NetSuite software updates as part of the flexibility contained within the SaaS solution.

How does Peoplevox E-Commerce WMS fit in with NetSuite?

NetSuite has their own warehouse management solutions and this was considered in detail prior to decided to partner with them.

Key strengths of Peoplevox's WMS for NetSuite clients:

  • 10-12 week implementation
  • Best practices for e-commerce and multichannel off-the-shelf
  • A core WMS platform that is scalable with 15+ add-ons that can be turned on as you grow
  • A dedicated mobile app that can work without an internet connection
  • Suitable in combination with NetSuite for companies with revenue £10M-£500M+

As a mobile first WMS that integrates with the NetSuite platform, it means that you will be able to perform day-to-day e-commerce functions on the go, such as signing purchase requests and viewing inventory levels.

Cloud vs. legacy

By 2020, industry analysts believe that four out of every 10 large organisations will have at least 60% of their ERP applications in the cloud. In fact, the cloud ERP market is expected to grow at a compound average rate of 15.5% through to 2020 which will see its worth reach $43.3 billion.

Large scale e-commerce operations will have to run core applications such as accounting, finance, human resources and more, and it is the more flexible cloud-based ERP suites that are best suited for this.

Cloud-based ERP is allowing large enterprises to compete and innovate in a digital world. Some companies are still bogged down by old legacy software that is halting innovation and holding up the e-commerce operation.

In the fast moving e-commerce space, the ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs could well be the key to success in the future.


Whether you are a large enterprise or a small to medium sized business, we are aware that as your business evolves so do the systems you use. If you’d like to find out more about our integrations with major e-commerce, ERP, shipping label, retail and accounting systems, click here.

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