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Scaling your business with digital technology

Scaling Your Warehouse

WRITTEN BY Paul Mullin /

07 December 2016

Digital transformation is about the consumer and the experience provided to them. Companies need to choose the right technologies to help them close the gap between customers and business.

However, lots of companies have trepidation when it comes to new technologies. There is worry about how long implementation will take and what effect it will have on existing processes and staff.

It is those companies who are first to adapt and evolve when the time is right who will be successful. So, knowing exactly when the time is right to enhance your business is vital, you may not feel the benefit if you do it too early, but if you do it too late you could find yourself running into trouble as you scale.

How disruptive is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) implementation?

If you choose Software as a Service (SaaS) WMS, the implementation happens off-site – so there’s minimal disruption to your business. It’s important to make sure that the WMS provider you choose has dedicated implementation.

They should have dedicated consultants who will work with you along the way to ensure that the WMS is the best fit for your business, is implemented correctly and is capable of transforming your warehouse operations with little to no disruption.

You can prepare lots of the information that the WMS will need offline, such as customisable set up information, product details and the warehouse layout. This can all be fed into the WMS ahead of going live, meaning you can test the WMS, so you can be confident of going live without having to worry about any potential hitches.

Is it a long process?

WMS implementation will vary from provider to provider, but you can get a system live in as little as six to ten weeks.  Specialists will be able to advise you on a more exact time once you’ve had your initial consultation. Obviously, implementation time will vary depending on the complexity of your warehouse environment, what systems need to be integrated and any critical timescales you need to hit.

For a wider view of things to consider before implementing a WMS, download our free e-book ’11 things to consider before you implement an e-commerce Warehouse Management System (WMS)’ here:

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