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Making your warehouse a happy warehouse

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WRITTEN BY Paul Mullin /

09 December 2016

More and more businesses are coming to understand the importance of employee engagement. Statistics compiled by SnackNation found that companies with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%.

In many warehouses, especially at this time of year, it’s important to understand the importance of employee engagement as it aligns with retention and productivity for your business. It’s not realistic to expect your employees to be engaged if they’re not happy in their work.

A further study by Growth Engineering, shows that happy employees are not only more productive, they’re less likely to be absent from work. They’re also 10% more engaged and 40% more likely to be promoted.

Can technology improve my workforce?

Businesses tend to apply the latest technology in the hopes of improving efficiency and productivity. When this works out, it always justifies the cost. However, when it doesn’t work out, businesses can get caught down a rabbit hole of trying new technologies that never really fix their workforce problems.

This is why it’s important to make sure that whatever systems and processes you bring in, you do so with your workforce in mind.

In the warehouse space, there is a whole host of technologies and products that can make it easier for your workforce to communicate and collaborate, but only you will know which technology can have the most positive impact on your business.

What can a WMS do for my employees?

A WMS can get rid of minor headaches and transform your warehouse culture. If you find the right WMS, you and your team will see customer complaints become a thing of the past. This will help your team to focus on improving the rest of your business and they will become more productive, more engaged, and most importantly, happier at work.

Business intelligence

You will be able to track and plan everything your business does, including employee performance. You will be able to see who is performing well and where improvements could be made. This will allow you to delegate the right responsibilities to the right people, making your workflow and workforce operate much more smoothly.

Current & historical data

Report on warehouse performance, perform year-on-year comparisons, and gain better insights into how your employees are coping as your business scales.

Leaner working

With a WMS you will be able to display customised packing suggestions on-screen to staff at the packing bench to reduce decision-making for the operator and increase efficiency for despatch.


Only you and those within your business will be able to decide if a WMS can make your warehouse a happier and more productive place and if now is the right time to move forward with one. So why not begin the process now, by informally asking employees what they think of the current systems and if there are any working practices that could make them happier.


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