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Streamlining Operations for Multichannel Selling – Just Geek’s Journey with Descartes Peoplevox + Utordo 

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We were fortunate to be joined by Deborah Challis, Managing Director of long-term Descartes Peoplevox customer Yellow Bulldog (t/a JustGeek.com), Richard Davies, Managing Director of Utordo, a UK-based integrations specialist and Adam Larkins, Head of Customer Success at Descartes. In this article we’ll summarize the discussion as they share the journey of building a successful business, streamlining warehouse operations, and navigating the world of multichannel selling. For the full story, check out the video above! 

The Origins of Just Geek: From Garage to Global 

The company, founded by Matt Precious and Ben Grant, started over a bottle of wine and a friendly discussion about the future of their industry. Both passionate about video games, they recognized the shift towards digital downloads and decided to venture into merchandise retail. From a humble garage setup, they quickly grew, selling licensed gaming and movie merchandise to customers worldwide. 

The Challenge: Multichannel Selling Chaos 

In the early days, the company sold products on many platforms, including eBay, Amazon, and their website, without a cohesive strategy. As the business expanded, managing various marketplaces and handling paper-based processes became overwhelming. The need for a more efficient solution was clear. 

The Solution: Descartes Peoplevox Steps In 

Discovering our warehouse management system (WMS) Descartes Peoplevox, Just Geek quickly realised they had the perfect solution for their growing business: We offered a scalable and automated solution that significantly improved their warehouse operations. After an 8-week implementation to kick off, and with ongoing support from the client success function, the company implemented our WMS into their operation, leading to immediate efficiency savings and better control over their inventory. 

Enter Utordo: Streamlining Marketplace Management 

As the team focused on their brand’s growth and profitability, they faced further challenges managing marketplace listings, escalating fees, and tracking the overall sales process, despite having their warehouse processes nailed down. This is when Utordo came into the picture: integrated directly into Peoplevox and sitting between the warehouse and the various sales channels, Utordo provided a stable and efficient platform to handle complex multichannel requirements, including bundles, pre-sales and keeping costs down. Utordo facilitated a smooth transition from a previous channel management provider, ensuring uninterrupted operations, moving the company over to a much leaner tech stack. 

The Transformation: Growth and Aspirations 

Since partnering with Peoplevox and, later, with Utordo, Yellow Bulldog has seen tremendous growth. They have more than tripled in size since the partnership with Peoplevox began in 2018, all while keeping their warehouse staffing at a minimum, thanks to streamlined processes and automation. With their systems now working cohesively, Just Geek’s focus is on expanding internationally. They plan to replicate their successful model in the US, aiming for further growth and success in the years to come. 

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