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Feature Launch: Pick by Zone with Sort

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A beta version of the much anticipated “sort” functionality for zone picking multi-item orders has now arrived and is available for European clients to test.

The premise of zone picking is that a warehouse can be divided into multiple areas, or zones, from which warehouse operators can work and pick exclusively, rather than being burdened with lengthy walk times between picking locations across the entire warehouse floor.

We first launched ‘Pick by Zone’ in September 2019 for single item orders and large individual orders.

Whilst the feature did work for multi-item orders, it required either dispatching the items separately or having some informal sort process to bring the items for each order together.

The informal sort process works particularly well for large, easy to match up items, but we don’t recommend it for most multi-item order profiles.

For the majority of multi-item orders, zone picking requires an official additional step: to collate, and sort, the multiple items for one order picked by multiple operators from various zones.

Beta released today for Pick by Zone with Sort

pick by zone with sort

Therefore, today, I’m very pleased to announce that this next step will be released for beta access: Pick by Zone with Sort, for multi-item order profiles.

The new functionality will allow operators to “sort” picked items into complete orders ahead of dispatch, when fulfillling multi-item order profiles.

The process will work as follows:

  1. PICK: Pickers pick the items from their allocated zones and return the items to a new ‘Sort’ area with a put-wall to hold individual orders.
  2. SORT: A sorter starts scanning the picked items and the app will direct the sorter where to place each item.
    a) Items for orders which haven’t yet been sorted can be put into any empty location
    b) Items for orders which have already been sorted will be directed to the existing location with the other items
  3. DESPATCH: Complete orders are removed from the wall and dispatched as normal

pick sort dispatch


This feature adds value and depth to the Peoplevox solution, offering faster and more efficient workflows, particularly for larger warehouses and companies who typically receive orders containing multiple, mixed items such as clothing and accessories.

For a complete overview of our solution, the feature list details a variety of our innovative, mobile-native functionality.

For a more in-depth dive into the product and what a WMS could do for your operation, please check out the WMS Buyers’ Guide here.

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