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All Clients successfully migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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For our technology team, 2019 will forever be known as the year of the great migration. Since migrating our first Clients in May, the team is now pleased to announce that all Live Clients are now operating exclusively from AWS.



Dedicated to our Clients

With over a quarter of a million pounds invested in the project, this major piece of transformational work represents the lengths to which we are determined to continue supporting our clients as they scale. Indeed, with these back end improvements, the stability offered by the Peoplevox platform now will support even the very largest enterprise e-commerce retailers.

Global Scale

To grow our geographic footprint and offer a more localised service to support the needs of our international client base, as part of this transformation, Peoplevox now has data centres in North America and APAC, alongside the EU. You can read more about AWS’ Global Infrastructure here and see the locations in North Virginia, Sydney and Ireland.

Key Improvements

With stability and reliability at the core of this project, alongside internationalisation, we will see significant improvements for our clients:

  • High availability with failover into different availability zones to provide the highest possible levels of reliability
  • Improved system performance, especially for Clients outside of the EU, thanks to the new local data centres
  • Faster scaling of resources in response to spikes in demand around sales and busy periods

Peak Preparedness

The target was to have completed the migration before 2019’s Peak Period, starting with Black Friday on 29th November. We are pleased to report that the last clients were moved across ahead of schedule, thanks to the diligence of the team.

Moreover, our clients have instantly seen the benefits of the new AWS infrastructure, as over the Black Friday Cyber Monday period, Peoplevox users picked over 4 million items and dispatched over 1 million orders, the largest numbers on our records for any single week.


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