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Lingerie / Underwear

Software Integrated

ChannelAdvisor & Shipster


United Kingdom

Company Size

Start Up

‘We got ahead of the curve, by knowing Peoplevox would be a great fit for us and putting it in from day one in the warehouse. It’s allowed us to grow so much more efficiently and maintain a lean operating model as we scale. It has also made hiring new staff much easier – the system is so user friendly that most people can pick it up quickly. No need to hunt around for staff with previous experience!’. 
Jackson Burton, Director
‘We’re extremely happy with the software. Whilst we already knew that Peoplevox was going to be a huge win for us from day one, the benefits have exceeded even those high expectations. For the underwear category that we’re in, the reporting is phenomenally valuable. Our fast turnaround capability has taken us to the top of the industry across our marketplaces. And the user training being so easy has saved us months of headache finding and onboarding warehouse team members. 
Jackson Burton, Director
Speak to the team behind the project!