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Peoplevox WMS is powerful, configurable and built for scale with unparalleled support. Created specifically for ecommerce businesses, we power the warehouse operations of some of the most dynamic brands in the world. 

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We chose Peoplevox because we needed to position ourselves to keep growing as a company. Right now, we’re operating 8 pack stations, each of which can push out 1000 orders a day.

Damien Park-Neilson

Operations Director, Meshki

Getting the WMS implemented was an absolute game changer for Showpo. Especially the efficiency improvements. The KPIs our old 3PL said were impossible to achieve, we smashed from day one.

Paul Waddy

COO, Showpo

It’s allowed us to grow more efficiently and maintain a lean operating model as we scale. It has also made hiring new staff much easier – the system is so user friendly that most people can pick it up quickly.

Jackson Burton

Director, BraForMe


No two warehouses operate in exactly the same way. Our picking methods are configurable to match the requirements of direct-to-consumer operations.

pvx picking methods
One order at a time

Pick one order in the fastest route through the warehouse.

Multiple sales orders by order

Pick multiple sales orders at once grouped by order.

Single item batch picking

Pick orders for a single item in a single quantity into a single location.

Pick for stores

Pick items in bulk ready to dispatch to your stores.

Multiple sales orders by items

Pick multiple sales orders by item.

Pick and sort to trolley

Great for small items like cosmetics or jewellery, pick to bins on a trolley.

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