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Data automation and integration


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London, United Kingdom


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Pure Electric, Grenade, Snug Sofas, Toteme, Alessi, North Sails

About HighCohesion

We’re HighCohesion. We automate e-commerce operations to create better customer experiences. Our SaaS platform integrates any e-commerce back-office applications together and sends data between them in real-time. We enable high-growth brands to meet demand, whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or processing thousands of orders an hour.


Our Services

We have an ever-growing library of integrations and can get Peoplevox connected to your applications in hours and days, not weeks and months. Our online dashboard allows you to set up your own integrations, monitor and edit them and fix, resend or repair data. 

Our team has decades of experience in e-commerce and has worked in the back-office of some of the fastest, most exciting brands helping them design, implement and integrate the most efficient, well-performing and high-value tech stacks in the industry.

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“HighCohesion is on a mission to make data an asset for brands so that they can build better customer experiences. Partnering with Peoplevox means excellent WMS solutions can now be integrated into other core e-commerce applications quickly and easily and brands will now have visibility of what is happening in their back-office.”

Arran Kapila, HighCohesion