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Driving warehouse efficiency at Sigma through digital transformation

About Sigma Beauty  

The Sigma Beauty story began in 2009 with power-couple Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, a molecular bacteriologist and civil engineer, respectively. They launched Sigma with just one brush set that instantly captured a cult-following and sold out. Since then, the cosmetics company has continued to research, develop, test, and grow with an innovative drive – creating groundbreaking products that have secured the Sigma brand as an industry leader.

The Challenge

More and more customers – both B2C and B2B – find their way to Sigma’s webstore every day through its network of advocates and its powerful email campaigns. And the company knew that to continue delivering the best possible customer experience in the face of growing demand, it needed to overhaul its infrastructure.

It was clear to Sigma that it needed a more advanced and scalable WMS to support its ambitious growth goals.


“Our old WMS was very manual.

Reporting was all done through spreadsheets, and we had no way to scan items in the warehouse. Tracking inventory was tough – especially when things weren’t barcoded – and handling sales peaks was a major struggle. To make matters worse, the system offered very poor integration with Magento.”

Jessica Knutson
Senior Operations Manager
Sigma Beauty

The Solution 

Sigma looked into the Peoplevox WMS – and they found that it was an ideal fit. Specifically designed to handle warehouse management for ecommerce order fulfillment, Peoplevox offered all of the functionality that Sigma required.

Most notably, Peoplevox includes a native Android app for mobile barcode scanning and capture, making it easy for Sigma to keep track of all of the items that pass through its warehouse. Additionally, powerful reporting tools completely eliminate the need for manual spreadsheets.

With the help of implementation partner, Zynk, Peoplevox delivered a WMS solution that integrated seamlessly with Magento 2.

The Results

With Peoplevox in place alongside Magento 2, Sigma is enjoying a host of benefits. From warehouse staff to management, everyone involved in the fulfillment process can work more effectively and efficiently.

  • Boosts productivity and saves time throughout the fulfillment process
  • Integrates seamlessly with key systems, including Magento 2
  • Effortlessly handles peak order volumes, positioning Sigma for future growth

Now, even with the revamped website driving increased sales, Sigma can easily handle peak order volumes. Optimised workflows and powerful tools help the cosmetics company ship more orders more quickly than ever, ensuring it can maintain its world-class service levels as the business continues to grow.

“Productivity is through the roof. The team loves the scanning functionality, and they love how the mobile app enables them to find items so quickly. Likewise, reporting is a breeze.”

Jessica Knutson

Senior Operations Manager, Sigma Beauty