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metapack warehouse system integration

MetaPack Warehouse Software

Peoplevox's custom-built API integration ensures seamless shipping.

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Intelligent carrier management

MetaPack’s powerful delivery management technology is even more effective when supported by a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Developed to support fast-growing SMEs and enterprise businesses with high order volumes, Peoplevox and MetaPack's partnership will ensure that the right package reaches the right person on time, every time. 

detailed picking software

Attention to detail

It's not enough to know that a package has been shipped; to improve accountability and to eliminate any possibility of error or confusing, you need to have a record of exactly what was in each delivery. Peoplevox's WMS gives you easy, immediate access to this invaluable data. 

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Eliminate human error

Peoplevox's WMS uses intelligent barcoding to record information about each item in your warehouse. When an item is scanned against an order, it's documented in the system; any mistakes are immediately flagged and remedied. This means that the right items reach the packing bench, every time. 

shipping and carrier wms

Easily customisable

With Peoplevox, you can rest easy that your branding will be automatically applied to each MetaPack label. And labels can be easily customised with the most relevant information depending on package type. So when MetaPack decides which carrier should be used for each delivery, everything is exactly as it should be. 

Rapid deployment

The integration with MetaPack is pre-built, meaning that it can be quickly deployed and configured. There’s zero disruption to service and you’ll see the impact of more streamlined warehouse operations immediately.

We’ve partnered with MetaPack in order to ensure that all of your shipments go according to plan. Every package has the right information and the correct shipping rate is always paid. Peoplevox and MetaPack's partnership brings powerful fulfilment and shipping together to help your business to run as it should. 

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Get in touch to find out whether integrating Peoplevox with your MetaPack-enabled site makes sense for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Peoplevox need in order to set up your integration?

We simply need access to your API with all information regarding the size and format of your carrier labels and customs documents. Also the default package weight that is set within your MetaPack configurations. And finally the address of your warehouse.

Is it possible to specify exactly which carrier and service type an order should be dispatched with?

Yes, the ‘service code’ within Peoplevox relates to a ‘service group’ within MetaPack and in most cases this will provide MetaPack with a starting point in order to allocate a carrier and service type. For example, ‘standard’ or ‘express’. If you want to specify the exact carrier and service type that a particular order should be sent with, this information can be mapped to the ‘Attribute 1’ field of the sales order.  

What happens if I need to re-print the carrier label or the Peoplevox dispatch note for an order?

All of the relevant documents for a package can be re-printed at any time. This includes the Peoplevox dispatch note, the carrier label and any relevant customs documents. This is possible as all documents for each package are stored in a PDF format on the server.

What happens if I have not set up a relevant allocation rule for a package that I am dispatching?

If a relevant allocation rule has not been created within MetaPack an exception will be thrown by Peoplevox to notify the user that a carrier cannot be allocated and a carrier label cannot be printed.

Is it possible to dispatch multiple packages for one sales order using the MetaPack integration?

Yes, a new consignment will be created in MetaPack for each package and an individual tracking number will be generated for each package. The number of packages dispatched and the items dispatched within each package will be recorded against the sales order.

Are you a developer? Get in touch for any questions about our API.