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"Through the implementation, Peoplevox were great to work with. If I ever had any questions, everyone was quick to help us out. Even this week, if I go on the help-desk, there’s a team ready to answer my questions 24/7. It’s very very helpful to have people that actually want to see you succeed."

Matt Herding, Warehouse Manager, Sigma Beauty


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High-level implementation steps

We complete implementation projects remotely, wherever you are in the world. We charge a fixed implementation fee, you know exactly how much you’re going to pay before the project starts. No surprises.




Project kick-off and your project plan

We kick-off your project with an introduction to your dedicated Peoplevox point of your contact, your Project Manager. They'll review the scope of what you've signed up to implement with you and ensure we are all aligned before a project plan is considered and put together for you to review and approve.

If you're implementing with a ready-made integration and a bundled feature can fast track you with proven implementation plan that we've refined with other clients. This can get your project started and scheduled in when timelines are tight.




Setting up your warehouse, software and hardware

The steps that you need to do only once to get you ready to configure and test the workflows in your warehouse and with your products.

Wherever possible, our Implementation Consultants will provide you with best practice examples, templates, pre-load settings to save you time.

Areas where we are able to add the most value during setup:

  • Warehouse location coding and intelligent pick route planning
  • Advice on warehouse storage types and packing bench setup
  • Hardware recommendations to ensure they are compatible and robust
  • Pre-loading best practice user roles with specific access rights e.g. Temporary Picker
  • Importing locations and their hierarchies
  • Checking your product data and advising on errors
  • Reviewing your product barcodes and ensuring any labelling is done correctly




Configure your workflows and integrations

Transitioning from a core part of your business to a new way of working requires careful change management. The configuration process is designed to enable you to road test the warehouse processes you are going to use for your initial go-live.

We believe in starting simple to get live and using an iterative process to optimise them once you have adjusted to a new way of working. Data on your operations performance can inform further changes to refine your configuration.

Integrations need to be configured in full in advance of any end-to-end testing and will be measured against their documentation or specification if they are bespoke. We've invested time into our relationships with integration partners and vendor partners plus our internal support team to address this critical part of implementation.




Training from week 1 through go-live plus 14 days

Your superuser training begins as soon as you have access to your Peoplevox account. We want your key people to be proficient early on to help you make informed decisions during configuration and help you own the training for your operators.

Training is where our remote model offers significant advantage over on-site training that we always found got disrupted or demanded too much uninterrupted attention than was realistic for an e-commerce operations team.

We record all training sessions so they can be shared out and revisited by new starters. The content is tailored to your configuration and delivered in a standard way that ensures nothing important is missed.

Flexible training sessions fit in around your day to day demands and you can even reschedule sessions up to 48 hours in advance if people are needed for other projects or meetings.




User Acceptance Testing

This is the part of the implementation that we recommend you invest more time and energy into for a smoother go-live transition. User acceptance testing is organised for you by your Implementation Consultant and involves test scripts being shared with your team to follow.

The back and forth that takes place to complete the test scenarios is what identifies the gaps in processes, your understanding or the configuration that would have caused you issues once live. 

Stress and service levels can be preserved across your business through proper engagement in and coordination of user acceptance testing.




Inventory count and location assignment

Starting from as close to 100% accurate inventory is critical to building trust in your new warehouse management system. If you get this part right, everything else will flow.

Inventory counting can be done progressively, where you add new locations and their inventory onto the system bit by bit. Once inventory goes on the system the mobile app is used to remove inventory off when it is sold.

Whether you've started inventory counting progressively or not, it results in a final inventory count to transfer 100% of your inventory onto the system.

We will help you to work out the total effort involved in counting your inventory and a schedule that will meet your target go-live date.





Ahead of your go-live we hold a meeting to review the go-live checklist. This is the point where we review everything that has been done, all of your configuration, testing and training leads into your Implementation Consultant and Project Manager giving your go-live the go ahead.

Our standard go-live period lasts 3 days and comprises the first day of preparations, the go-live day and a third-day for burning down any issues whilst monitoring your performance closely.

"Peoplevox has enabled us to efficiently scale our operations across three fulfilment centers in 18 months and ship 10,000+ orders per day.
Ben Harrison, Operations
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