Make shipping simple and turn your warehouse into your advantage

Shippit and Peoplevox integrate to form a shipping and warehouse management platform for fast-growth, high-volume brands across APAC.

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Local options with global scope

Ship to anywhere in the world with Australia's leading couriers.


Less steps, more orders

The integration works via API call and removes the need to leave the Peoplevox platform to print labels.


Handle peaks in demand

Add new pack benches and train users fast on one, integrated platform for despatching orders.


End-to-end customer experience

Combine accurate and fast order processing with Shippit's shipment tracking tool.


Build a technology stack for growth

Both platforms care deeply about the importance of a scalable, reliable fulfilment model that enables you to grow better. Shipping orders faster, more effectively and with less stress means more time on the brand and a better experience for your community of customers.


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Shippit helps you take control of deliveries.

Fulfil orders and track shipments anywhere you are, anytime you like. It’s cloud-based multi-carrier shipping software for retailers that takes the guesswork out of shipping decisions and turns deliveries into your competitive advantage.



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