Connecting commerce and your warehouse

Scurri and Peoplevox make ordering, shipping and delivery simple and adaptable for your needs.

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Mobile despatch

Scurri uses Peoplevox's carrier platform API which means label printing works from an Android mobile device.

Scurri wms

Fix print issues

Correct incorrect addresses and other issues using Scurri and synchronise the data back to Peoplevox to print the labels.


Ship more

Peoplevox and Scurri are proven to 15,000+ orders per day with high-volume clients.

Scurri WMS partner

Proven partnership

Scurri and Peoplevox actively partner and work to deliver a great combined solution for our clients.


We can help with more than fast label printing.

Learn about warehouse management best practice for e-commerce.

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What is Scurri?

Scurri provides access to a wide range of UK, international and global carriers, with the flexibility to control your shipping. They pride themselves on giving brands the ability to provide the type of delivery experience their customers deserve, including by maintaining 99.998% uptime, while shipping code daily. Together with Peoplevox, they are trusted by Closet London, Sik Silk and Vanquish Fitness.