Future-proof the scale of your e-commerce business.

BigCommerce is the e-commerce platform focussed on Open SaaS, flexibility, and being ready for a new era of technology. Peoplevox complements by safeguarding your customer experience with reliable, consistent and scalable fulfillment.

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Shared ethos

We both help brands that need an enterprise-level approach without out of control costs and technical complexity.

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Economies of scale

Grow your sales revenue and fulfillment output with your costs under control and tech in the cloud.

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Tailored to you

Two platforms that are designed to be tailored to your business, not the other way round.

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Global support

24/7 support and local teams in every region to be wherever you take your business.


Deliver for your customers when you need to most

Peoplevox and BigCommerce work together on the biggest days of your year to turn first time shoppers into lifelong advocates of your service and your brand.

The e-commerce platform needs to be prepared to handle more volume than ever before, and so does your warehouse.

Without achieving the economies of scale that come from Peoplevox WMS, more sales just means more expenditure on fulfillment and more chances to disappoint customers with bad service.



The Case Study:

We jumped on a call with Davis, the Operations Manager for Closet London, to take us around his warehouse and talk through the workflows and processes his fashion brand operate to ship high volumes of orders each week.


The Tech Stack:

bigcommerce peoplevox tech stack

Speak to the team behind the project!

“I can’t express how happy Protein World are with Peoplevox as a tool, but more importantly the approach and skill of the team. Peoplevox over delivered in every way. The combination of their approach, software and commercial model makes it both accessible and the perfect tool for a scale up business like ours.”

Arjun Seth, CEO, Protein World

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“Meshki onboarded PVX at a very critical time as we were going through huge growth period and had no viability on any warehouse operations. Working on around 3000 SKUs Meshki didnt have any product locations or barcodes on products, fulfilment process was to marry up a paper invoice with a shipping label then finding the product which may or may not have been in its allocated location. Moving to PVX gave us complete visibility of the warehouse and optimise warehouse procedures.”

Damien Park-Neilson, Ops Manager, Meshki

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“Using Peoplevox with Shopify Plus has ensured we are no longer hindered or constrained by the limits of our back end systems as previously experienced. At any given time we know exactly the number of orders we have and what is in stock, avoiding the potential for overselling.

As a high velocity e-commerce retailer, the new solution has totally met our requirements by enabling the flexibility to quickly scale our warehouse operations to cope with accelerating order volumes, and always be sure of shipping on time. This has supported our growth strategy and improved overall customer experience.

The ease of use of the Peoplevox WMS has also played an important part, especially in allowing temporary staff to come up to speed in a matter of hours, with the minimum of training.”

Chris Perrins, COO, Gymshark

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“We now cover Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide with our new On Demand same day service. We also pick orders until 11pm for customers in those cities, and deliver on Saturdays for Sydney and Melbourne customers. Not bad for a 6 month old warehouse!”

Paul Waddy, Operations Director, Showpo

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