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Peoplevox Product News

Get Thrifty! How Goodfair are bringing recycled clothing to the digital age

Leo Connolly
  • 20 August 2021
  • 3 min read

We've been in the press! Our awesome new customer for 2021 Goodfair, who are an online apparel thrift store, went live with Peoplevox to tackle some seriously unique inventory management and fulfillment challenges. They'd been going viral on TikTok, picking up thousands of followers and shoppers with their ethical, no-new-things ethos, but could only actually fulfil around 200 orders a day, at best.



This left them with a huge backlog, and customers waiting up to 8 weeks to receive their bundles of pre-loved clothing. We came in to help review all their processes, build a comprehensive mobile-driven pick, pack and dispatch process, and make it much easier to hire new staff and get them effective. 

Goodfair are now able to pump out 1,600 orders a day with still only a small staff-base. They also have access to the kind of reporting and data that helps them stay ahead of the customer demand curve and keep tabs on their efforts, see where their problem areas really are in the warehouse, and deploy the team accordingly.

For full story, you've got to check out the Digital Commerce 360's article.

And our Press Release over on the main Descartes page!

Finally, here's what their CEO has to say:



Our CEO got major ##dadjokes 😂 inspo: @theowisseh_ ##warehouse ##baletok ##bale

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