Warehouse management SYSTEM (WMS)

The best WMS for toys

Your customers love opening the box to get their new toy or game. Make sure that their experience goes without a hitch with class-leading fulfilment processes. Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System will help you to achieve this.

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Integrate with your existing SYSTEMS

Magento warehouse management
sage wms integration

Built to cope with peak

Making sure that your warehouse is prepared for seasonal flux is critical to your success; do you have processes in place that allow you to navigate peak with ease? Or are you surprised every year when avoidable mistakes keep happening?

Peoplevox’s WMS will improve your warehouse’s performance. It copes will all of the pressures of a hectic e-Commerce environment, giving you control over your inventory, goods-in, despatch, fulfilment and reporting. If you understand the value of an organised warehouse, you need the support of a powerful WMS.

mobile app for managing your warehouse and stock

Features to benefit your brand

Peoplevox’s WMS is flexible and easy-to-use. It’s the tool you need to make sure that you are able to quickly and accurately handle all orders, no matter how busy you get.

100% inventory traceability

100% traceability

With Peoplevox, you know where all of your inventory is at all times. There are no losses, no guesses, no silly mistakes. Take control of your stock.

pick faster in your warehouse

Faster picking

Dynamic picking routes and a system rooted to your warehouse’s specific layout increases speed and boosts efficiency.

Fully configurable wms system

Fully configurable

Our product is definitely not ‘one-size-fits-all’; the integration will be configured to your business’ unique needs.

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