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Our Support Team

We know your warehouse is a mission critical function of your business.
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Responsive Service

Your warehouse is a mission critical function of your business which means when your fulfilment team fails it lets your customers down. We care about helping you deliver on your customer promise and have a hardworking team to ensure you do.

Peoplevox's warehouse management system is completely designed, developed, implemented and supported by our dedicated teams. Our Clients For Life team is the first line in ensuring you get the service you need.

The Clients For Life team comprises Client Support and Technical Support Engineers who work together to review, prioritise and resolve issues that are logged by your company.

First-line support is responsive, with all new support tickets being read and assigned to the correct resources within 5-10 minutes of the issue being logged with them. We of course prioritise issues based on their severity and focus our support to ensure our clients can ship orders and have accurate inventory above all else.

saas software as a service

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We host and maintain the Peoplevox warehouse management system for you, which means that when you implement it you save time and resources.

Our dedicated cloud hosting is designed with redundancy and scalability in mind so that as you grow, our infrastructure will continue to support your businesses increasing demands.

Keeping you ahead

The world of commerce is changing quickly which means you need to set up your fulfilment to be responsive to anything your sales and marketing team might throw at it.

Our warehouse management software is a true software-as-a-service solution, which means we have a single code base that is shared across all of our clients.

New features and improvements are consistently being made and our upgrade schedule ensures you are moved onto the latest version of our technology, refreshing your warehouse management system up to 4 times a year.


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If you have a question or want to enquire about implementing Peoplevox in your own business please feel free to get in touch.