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'It would take as long as 4 months for anyone new joining the business to be even remotely 'useful' within the warehouse. Obtaining the knowledge required to be effective and find items first time took too long.
We didn’t exactly make it easy for people: the level of detail on locations could be as vague as 'that dress is somewhere in the back right corner, maybe on the third or fourth shelf?!'. 
Monique Toohill, Operations Specialist
With Peoplevox, you don't need to know every single detail about our product or have worked in our warehouse for years to know where anything is. I can bring someone into the operation, they bring value almost straightaway on simple processes like picking, and I can have them capable enough to supervise dispatch within 4-6 weeks. That speed to onboard has been an absolute gamechanger.'  
Monique Toohill, Operations Specialist
Speak to the team behind the project!