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Peoplevox Success Stories

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Sigma Beauty

Leading cosmetics retailer, Sigma Beauty, recognised a need to transform its warehouse operations in order to support its continuous growth. Manual processes and lack of inventory visibility made handling peak volumes a struggle. With Peoplevox, Sigma was able to boost productivity, support peak volumes and grow with confidence.


Fast-growth fitness apparel brand, Gymshark, was struggling to support its significant rise in order volumes across key peak periods, including Black Friday. Through integrating Peoplevox with its Shopify Plus store, Gymshark were able to clear 90,000 orders across Black Friday week without any problems.


Online footwear retailer, Fotter, is dedicated to delivering perfect customer experience. Manual processes and paper-based operations were hindering the brands efforts. It turned to Peoplevox, integrated with Magento, to improve its fulfilment operations leading to increased orders picked per person, per day, and 99.84% stock accuracy.


The UK's leading retailer for everything skate, SkateHut, was struggling to manage its rapid growth with manual processes, leading to over-selling, mis-picking and stock inaccuracy. It partnered with Peoplevox to transform its warehouse operations in just three months. Now SkateHut has eliminated over-selling, extended its cut-off time for same day despatch and improved its customer experience.

Bells Shoes

Bells Shoes was experiencing problems with inventory management across its website and marketplaces, resulting in problems with overselling. It turned to Peoplevox to improve its fulfilment operations, going live in under 12 weeks, with picking speeds increasing, and over-sells becoming a thing of the past.


With over 80,000 SKUs in the warehouse, UK based surf, skate and snow e-tailer Surfdome, was struggling with its manual goods-in process. It was time consuming, led to mis-counts and meant items were taking longer than desired to appear on the website. It turned to Peoplevox for help. With barcode scanners at goods-in, its new and improved stock accuracy led to oversells dropping significantly and stock appearing online much faster.

Clothingsites Group

High-end clothing brands retailer, Clothingsites Group, had ambitious growth plans that required the right tech stack to scale. Its paper based picking was inefficient, packing and despatch was problematic, and an additional checking stage slowed the entire process down considerably. Implementing Peoplevox, integrated with its Magento site, removed these manual processes, leading to 50% increase in orders picked per person, per day.

CHO Fashion & Lifestyle

CHO Fashion and Lifestyle recognised a need to automate processes and remove the inefficiencies of its manual set-up to support its growing business and allow it to scale long-term. It integrated Visualsoft's strong front-end, with Peoplevox supporting the back-end, enabling it to move through peak seasons with confidence.