Warehouse management SYSTEM (WMS)

A WMS for subscription businesses

We believe that your subscription business can gain a competitive edge by owning its fulfilment. 

De-stress your fulfilment process so you can focus on growing your subscriber base and realising their lifetime value.

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Built with your needs at heart

One of the main reasons consumers shop with subscription-based businesses is because they love being delighted. If they’re buying from a company offering a bespoke service, they want to be wowed by both the product and the service. If the customer knows what they’re getting, then they value their product reaching them at the right time above everything else.

Making all customers happy is far easier when your warehouse and warehousing processes are well organised. That’s what a Warehouse Management System helps you to do; covering everything from goods-in through to despatch, it gives you an easily digestible overview of where everything is in your warehouse, how everything’s going and whether there are any issues.

Peoplevox’s WMS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The system itself is fully customisable, meaning that you only have to use the features that are relevant to your business’ needs. And our consultative approach to implementation will guarantee you the best possible way for your warehouse to work: custom picking routes, custom solution, proven results.

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The right solution for your business

Our work with some of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce businesses has helped us to develop a powerful WMS ready to support your brand as it grows. Here are 3 ways it will benefit your company:

Live inventory tracking

Live inventory

Keep on top of your inventory at all times with Peoplevox’s easy-to-use interface, either on mobile or desktop.

easy wms shipping

Easy shipping

Processes can be automated so that branded shipping information is instantly shared with your chosen carriers.

get fulfilment right every time

Right every time

Peoplevox’s software makes the fulfilment process quicker, and more efficient than ever. Right package, right time, every time.

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