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Reports & Guides The WMS Buyer's Guide

If you're new to warehouse managment systems and are looking for a bit of guidance then download our e-book for the 11 things we think you need to consider.

The WMS Buyer's Guide: 11 things to consider before you implement a WMS

How To Guides

If you're thinking about implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS), there is a lot to consider. Our comprehensive guide is a great place to start.

We've focused on the 11 most important areas of consideration, and broken them down into bitesize pieces to help you make decisions when weighing up the various systems on offer.

What's Inside?

How bad is it and how much better could it be?

The fact that you are considering a Warehouse Management System (WMS) suggests that you’re either experiencing some pain or you’re aware the pain is heading your way and you would like to find a solution that will be worth your investment, time and effort.

  • Perhaps you’re experiencing stress caused by:
  • Poor customer experiences
  • Difficulty in training new staff
  • Not knowing the exact situation of stock, orders and shipping
  • The overall cost of returns
  • The awareness that your business reputation is suffering
  • Low staff and management morale
  • Growing pains
  • General cost of labour being too high How much better could it be?
  • Imagine looking at your mobile phone and knowing your exact stock situation
  • Training staff in less than an hour
  • Hitting 99% accuracy on picking and packing
  • Seeing everyone’s stress going down as volumes go through the roof

A WMS can deliver all that… and more