Practical advice from some of the leading heads in the ecosystem.

We asked industry experts around the globe to share their best advice to fast-growth merchants ahead of BFCM and Peak 2021. Compiled into one video guide, the aim is simply to get as much useful information out to market as possible, to make this Peak period the most successful ever for the community.

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Logistics advice for Peak

"It is all about first impressions, and nailing that new customer experience."

Lindsay Brush, Executive VP of Sales at


"Take a multi-carrier approach to spread risk and not over-rely on one service that's already at capacity."

James Younes, Enterprise Sales Lead at Shippit


"When sales scale up, you need to make sure your systems are integrated and talking to each other."

Darren Boswell-Gallagher, Head of Marketing and Comms at Patchworks


"A complete delivery experience is a proven way to boost loyalty and retention."

Heather Boyd, VP Global Marketing at Metapack


Videos are great but what I really want is to speak with an expert right now.