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Integration software


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Newcastle, UK



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Just Hype, Oliver Bonas, Sigma Beauty, and Whatmore

About Zynk

Zynk is a software development company based in Newcastle, UK. Originally an internet consultancy founded in 2002 by Adam McCrory, who led the development at Sage for 9 years. The company has grown over the years to support 1000’s of integrations running 24/7/365 for companies of all sizes.

Zynk’s products and services are a culmination of more than 50 years experience in the field of software development, systems integration and business automation, and is also the result of over 17 years investment in R&D.

Their flagship product, Zynk Workflow, is a business automation platform used by hundreds of businesses in the UK, Australia and the USA. The company specialises in large-scale data integration and RPA of Accounting, ERP, Databases, Warehouse Management systems, EDI, CRM and eCommerce systems, allowing businesses to automate key business processes. In turn, making those businesses more streamlined and profitable.

Zynk offers both products and professional services nationally and internationally and the team at Zynk has grown to 15 full-time staff dedicated to the development of the business automation solutions to ensure your business can save time and money – by automating your manual processes and preventing mistakes.

Zynk has a respectable partner network alongside numerous accreditations. They are a Sage Gold ISV Partner and a Microsoft Certified Partner. 

Zynk Platform Overview

Are you still rekeying data into multiple systems?

Dramatically reduce administration time from processing your data automatically, keep your stock up to date to reduce the risk of overselling and as a result provide a better customer experience and increase your returning customer rate.

Zynk Workflow is a tried and trusted integration platform which can be customised to your exact business processes to emulate exactly how you would input data in the real world.

Top reasons people choose Zynk:

  • Huge ROI over manually re-keying data
  • Improved accuracy
  • Providing the right information to the people that need it
  • Reduce overselling and improve the customer experience
  • Improved accuracy
  • Automated report generation
  • Dashboards for KPI management

Peoplevox Integration

Zynk supports Peoplevox customers with integrations built around how they currently use the systems. All integrations are built to your exact requirements, most include an eCommerce platform into Peoplevox and then into an accounting or ERP software. As a result, Zynk customers get the benefit of a world-class WMS system with very little or in most cases reduces administration tasks.

These tasks include:

  • Export Despatches from Peoplevox
  • Export Goods In from Peoplevox
  • Export Item Availability from Peoplevox
  • Export Item Movements from Peoplevox
  • Export Item Types from Peoplevox
  • Export Purchase Orders from Peoplevox
  • Export Report from Peoplevox
  • Export Returns from Peoplevox
  • Export Sales Orders from Peoplevox
  • Export Service Types from Peoplevox
  • Export Sites from Peoplevox
  • Import Customers to Peoplevox
  • Import Item Types to Peoplevox
  • Import Purchase Orders to Peoplevox
  • Import Sales Orders to Peoplevox
  • Import Suppliers to Peoplevox
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We enjoy working with Peoplevox and its flexibility that allows Zynk to build an integration to our customer's exact requirements.

James Shaw, Zynk