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Partner type

Warehouse staff recruitment services


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Other locations 

 The Midlands, Greater Manchester and Cheshire, Yorkshire, Wales and South West, and Merseyside


Clients include

 dpd, Farfetch, FedEx, Palletline, Seasoned, and Tate.

About Syft

Since 2015, Syft has endeavoured to build the future of work. We give businesses access to tens of thousands of fully vetted, reliable flexible workers, available to hire on-demand or ahead of time.

As employers and workers directly connect through a convenient app, employers save considerable amounts of time and money, while workers can earn market leading wages and perks.

Syft’s latest innovation, SyftForce, was launched in 2018. SyftForce is a SaaS labour management platform, which allows employers to manage and share their internal staff across multiple sites, achieving operational efficiency as well as reducing agency spend.


Syft Product Overview

From picker-packers to drivers, Syft has the range of workers needed to meet the intense demands of industrial and logistics businesses.

With our unique matching and rating technology, we ensure you get the right workers for your business on every occasion.

Conveniently manage your weekly schedule in just a couple of clicks and let us handle all the paperwork and payroll.

All candidates must pass verbal, numerical and reasoning tests; have valid licenses and right to work documents; plus skills and experience in the roles they are verified for, meeting strict compliance requirements and giving employers the confidence they need with flexible staffing.

Syft is licensed by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority.

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I heard great feedback from clients about Peoplevox, so I began talking to Oliver Rhodes at the firm. I was quickly impressed with their e-commerce WMS systems and excellent account management, so I knew they'd be a fantastic partner for Syft as we continue to expand.

Tom Woods, Senior Business Development Manager, Syft


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