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Technology type

Business Intelligence


Head office

Sydney, AU

Other locations

Los Angeles, USA and London, UK


Clients include

The Iconic, Blue Bungalow, Aje, P.E. Nation, Club L London, Meshki, Dion Lee, Rachel Gilbert, White Fox Boutique


About Style Arcade

Smash all your sales goals with Style Arcade - the world’s #1 fashion software that provides actionable buying, merchandising and trade insights to fuel your brand's profit and revenue growth.  Style Arcade’s end-to-end solution allows fashion brands and retailers to see past & present product performance, and plan for future ranges all in one source of truth.


Solution Overview

By easily integrating with your ecommerce platform, web analytics and warehouse management system, Style Arcade is your one source of truth for your sales, stock, orders, with imagery - all in one place. But we aren’t just another BI tool. We’re the advantage your competition doesn’t want you to know about.

We provide smart insights for your buying decisions, and best practice recommendations on trade.  So you can instantly see the callouts that need to be actioned ASAP to fuel your brand’s growth. Results our customers have achieved include:
- 146% growth in international profitability
- 357% increased revenue in best sellers
- 6x category growth
- time saving of a day, every week
- 33% reduction in return rates

Ready to smash your sales targets? Come have a chat and see for yourself why brands grow 74% faster when they visualise, collaborate and automate in Style Arcade.

It is crucial for ecommerce brands to have access to accurate, fast and visual software in order to grow, and just as essential a WMS to support and execute this growth. This is where Style Arcade and Peoplevox specialise, boosting fashion brands to realise their potential and go from growing brands to global brands.

Madeline Caris, Style Arcade