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Manchester, UK



Instead of charging per label, we charge per Shipster licence. Licences are £35 each per month. One licence covers single courier on a single installed computer.

E.g. Two couriers on two PCs = 4 Shipster licences.

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Clients include

Beer Hawk, In The Style, Lounge Underwear, Manière De Voir, Melvin & Hamilton, MissPap (boohoo), Oh Polly, Plastic Box Company, and XS Stock


About Shipster

Shipster was born and raised in Manchester City Centre and has grown exponentially since its creation in 2016.

We originally wrote the Shipster software to integrate a mutual client’s Peoplevox system with DPD, Royal Mail & FedEx and were able to build them highly custom system at a fraction of their anticipated price. We’ve since seen huge organic growth following further requests from other companies and a huge chunk of business from word-of-mouth recommendations.

We’ve since integrated with over 40 couriers, become an official Royal Mail Partner and growing an exciting client base in fashion, goods and food. Yum.

Shipster Product Overview

Shipster continues the efficiency of your Peoplevox setup through to your shipping. With a high level of customization and transparent pricing, your packing benches will zip through orders at warp speed, whilst Shipster does all the thinking for you and you don’t need to keep a label count.

Custom Shipping Rules

Customized, automatic shipping rules can be created for you with your installation and can be amended at any later date; making your already PVX-efficient pick-and-pack system even smoother.

Some of the most optimized warehouses we work with use shipping rules based on weight, destination, product category and price, to determine which courier service to use and which documents to print per shipment.

Simply put:

“If the data exists in your Peoplevox account, we can write a rule for it!”

- Lead Dev, Tony

Documents & Labels: Custom documents are included with Shipster. From your invoices to your despatch notes and return labels.

Pay for What You Use: We allow you to remove or add extra packing bench licences as and when you need them. Useful if you need to rapidly expand or temporarily beef up the packing area for peak periods.

No More Price Per Label!: We know that customers want to be able to forecast their shipping costs, which is why we charge for an active number of licences instead of thousands of labels.

Software Support We have a manned support line when you need to speak to someone there and then during business hours.

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Many mutual clients have benefited tremendously from our close working relationship with Peoplevox. Integrating with Peoplevox has become routine for us and it’s great collaborating with such an organised team.

Tony Cheetham, MD, Shipster