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 DIFF Eyewear, EBOOST, Folds of Honor, and Tenzo Tea.


About Glew

Glew helps merchants, agencies and enterprises find the data and insights they need to drive growth.

With 40+ popular ecommerce integrations, Glew lets you see all your data in one place - and turns that data into actionable insights you can use to identify opportunities, solve problems, drive strategy and maximize profitability.

Glew helps you better understand your customers, products, channels, and performance, so you can make smart decisions for your business and your bottom line. It's business intelligence, built for ecommerce and designed to drive growth.

Glew Product Overview

Glew offers a wide range of analytics and reporting tools for ecommerce and multichannel merchants, enterprises and agencies.

It's simple: You connect your disparate data sources in Glew. We ETL and warehouse your data - then calculate hundreds of metrics, dashboards and visualizations. Then, you choose how you want to access your insights - our out-of-the-box SaaS product for powerful reporting with simple set-up, or our BI platform for custom reporting and additional visualization options.

Glew delivers insights you can't get anywhere else, including performance dashboards, scheduled and automated reports, and robust analytics for customers, channels, products, inventory, shipping, subscriptions and more.

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Glew helps ecommerce merchants see a full picture of data across their entire business, and warehouse management is a huge piece of that puzzle. By connecting Peoplevox and Glew, brands can get incredibly powerful insights into their inventory as it relates to their overall performance, and use those insights to maximize profitability.

Lindsay Brush, VP of Sales,

Product Overview

A comprehensive overview of the Glew platform

Product Overview

This guide details all you need to know about Glew's multichannel analytics platform for retailers & agencies


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