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The WMS Buyers Guide

11 Things To Consider

This easy to follow e-book lays out the 11 key things to remember when you are thinking about implementing a WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Who should read this?

Anyone who is thinking about investing in a WMS for the first time or anyone who is looking into implementing a new Warehouse Management System.


wms buyers guide


What's inside:

  • Your pain: How bad is it and how much better can it be?
  • Your order volume: Is it worth automating?
  • Your customers: How often do they get what they actually ordered, when they asked for it?
  • Your peaks (and troughs): How well are you coping during the busiest periods of the year?
  • Your all-knowing warehouse manager: What if he/she leaves?
  • Your website: How accurate is it?
  • The rest of your tech: What would a warehouse management system need to talk to?
  • The way you currently do things: How efficient is current setup and how much better could it be?

"Perhaps a Warehouse Management System is the answer, but what can you expect it to do for you, how much disruption is there in implementing one and crucially, how will it pay for itself?" 

How bad is the pain?

Analysing where the pain is in your current operation is usually the best starting point for any new software purchase.

Order volumes

How much is worth automating? What can you do already to handle the amount of orders you currently have.

Handling Peaks

How well are you coping in the peak periods? Do your warehouse staff dread Black Friday?

The Problem With The Warehouse Guru

The risk of operating with the all seeing and all knowing warehouse manager is a problem which creeps up on you.

Your e-commerce website

Is the inventory on your website up to date? Are you finding your selling stock you don't have?

The new way and the old way

How efficient is your current setup? Have you squeezed as much as you can out of your current setup?