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A practical guide to scaling your warehouse

How to scale your e-commerce fulfillment

Most companies don’t just aim for growth; they depend on it. In this guide we draw from real-world experience to examine the key points you need to address when you need to scale fast.


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Who should read this?

This is a guide for fast growing companies who are looking for tips on scaling their warehouse operation as their sales grow.


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What's inside:

  • Optimise your warehouse layout: The perfect warehouse layout is one that optimises the flow of your goods. 
  • Get the right storage & materials handling equipment: Knowing which storage you need is largely dependant on the products that you’re stocking; you need to work out what the right fit is for your business.
  • Follow warehouse process best practice: The first process that any warehouse needs to get right is goods-in. Hopefully, from there, all of the other basic operational needs should follow a bit easier. But as warehouses grow bigger, these operations become more and more complex. 
  • Invest in appropriate technology: An e-commerce business lives and dies on its website. When starting out, it can be tempting to invest in inflexible e-commerce solutions.

"Most companies don’t just aim for growth; they depend on it. It’s one of the main markers of success: more sales, more customers, more profit. It means that what you’re doing, and what you’re selling, is resonating with your consumer base." 

Follow best practice

Start out with your old processes and then determine what needs to change to accommodate the bigger space.

Invest in technology

Take full control. Invest in technology that gives you an easily digestible overview of all warehouse operations.

Storage & materials

Reassess the specialist storage that you currently use, consider whether this also needs to be scaled up or left alone.

Optimise your layout

Don't rush to buy a load of ladders. Even though you’ve gone big with your warehouse, you still need to think about making the most of its lower levels.

Initial upsize

The more popular your business is, the more space you’ll need to keep up with demand. You won’t automatically know where everything is any more.

First warehouse

When your garage or bedroom can’t keep up with the demand. Likely to be small enough so you already know where everything is.