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Not every company would benefit from installing a Warehouse Management System (WMS), but a lot will. Read the e-book to see 4 of the biggest signs that your Magento-powered business would benefit from the support of a WMS.

Magento's amazing, but it can't do everything 

Everything's got its limits. What Magento does well, it's does really well. It wasn't designed to be able to do everything. If you're having fulfilment issues, it's a good idea to look into acquiring a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Scroll down for 3 solid reasons why.

Powerful inventories

Human error can be wiped out. With the right WMS, your inventories are watertight. Update stock levels in real-time and eliiminate silly mistakes.

Fully configurable solution

Every business is unique. A WMS understands this; it's configurable so that it fits with your business and not the other way around. 

Improved despatch

Say goodbye to reams of PDFs and hello to the quick and easy printing of carrier labels. The right label on the right package for the right person, every time.

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Is this really free?

Absolutely. Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have warehouse management questions!

A bit about Peoplevox.

Peoplevox's WMS facilitates efficient warehouses.

We give retailers full control over their warehousing processes, enabling them to decrease costs, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction. 

With over 100 clients in 24 countries, we're proud to be leaving e-commerce better than we found it.

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