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In The warehouse

Take control of all operational processes within the 4 walls of your warehouse. Peoplevox helps you get everything in order so you'll be in full control of your inventory.
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Know exactly where everything is

By showing you where all your stock is at all times, Peoplevox’s WMS gives you the key to a more efficient warehouse. See all stock and picking activity in one easy-to-use interface. It’s the tool that makes your warehouse sail through peak, and readies it for growth.

Organised unpacking

Customisable put-away rules guide users towards the exact areas where specific stock should be stored.

Everything where it belongs

The software quickly and accurately records the location where all goods belong; handy if you find a package on the floor.

putaway in warehouse
move items in your warehouse screenshot
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Move anything to anywhere easily

The process of moving items or containers from one warehouse location to another is both simple and trackable with Peoplevox’s WMS.

Simple Stock Controls

You’re in control of stock levels. The system shows you when to bring stock forward from bulk, and how much to move. Replenishment, refined.

simple stock taking process

Simple Stocktakes

Take the pain out of stocktakes. Whether you’re performing checks on single bins or on the whole warehouse, our WMS is the tool you need.
replenish warehouse stock process

Fast replenishment

Tell the software the minimum quantity of each item you want to hold in the pick face, and it will make sure that you’re alerted in time to replenish.

handle failed picks in the warehouse

Handle failed picks

Sometimes a picker won’t find the item they need. It happens. With Peoplevox, you can handle failure and resolve issues in time for future picks.

Stocktaking shouldn’t be painful

Throw away your pencil and paper. Peoplevox’s stocktaking solution turns a once long and hard-going process into a breeze. We’ve put ease-of-use front and centre in its design; anyone in your warehouse can pick it up quickly. Here are the features:


Inventory count

Count inventory by performing a stocktake on a location or container. Manually adjust the quantity of an item in a location, giving a reason for the adjustment. Useful for managing failed picks and processes outside Peoplevox that affect inventory.


Report on any changes

The software compares the inventory actually scanned during the check with what it expects to be there. Any differences in stock levels are immediately listed in a variance report, helping you to keep control over your stock.

stock taking app on android

When to Upgrade to a WMS?

It's never easy to know when it's the right time to invest in a Warehouse Management System.


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