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Warehouse management SYSTEM (WMS)

Stock Control Systems For Online Retailers

Whether fulfilling individual orders from consumers or restocking stores, warehouses run by high street retailers need to keep track of all processes so that everything runs as it should. Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System will help you to manage complex processes in your warehouse with ease.

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integrate WITH your business systems

Shopify plus
Magento warehouse management
sage wms integration

Built to make your life easier

Sending out wildly different volumes of stock to different places can be taxing. If a warehouse isn’t laid out in a way that optimises efficient working, it slows everything down. Peoplevox fixes that problem; we work with you to find a solution suited to your business’ needs and fitted to your unique warehousing space.

The WMS puts you in control of all warehousing processes, from goods-in through despatch and everything in-between. It’s incredibly easy to use, both from a managerial perspective and from the view of a picker on the ground. It’s the tool you need to ensure that all actions in your warehouse happen quickly and accurately.

pick orders with an app on your phone or android device

The right software solution for your business

We have over 100 clients in 24 countries. The reliability of our service is one of the main reasons that we rank so highly with our customers. They trust us to make their warehouses run like they should; we make sure that it happens.

powerful inventory tracking

Powerful tracking

The software tracks your stock as it moves around your warehouse, and you have an instant view of where everything is. You’ll never lose anything again.

get inventory right every time

Right every time

Peoplevox’s software makes the fulfilment process quicker, and more efficient than ever. Right package, right time, every time.

fully configurable wms system

Fully configurable

Our product is definitely not ‘one-size-fits-all’; the integration will be configured to your business’ unique needs.

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