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Warehouse management SYSTEM (WMS)

A WMS for health & wellbeing brands

Trust lies at the heart of any consumer interaction with a health and wellbeing company. Secure positive customer relationships by making sure that fulfilment works effectively every time with Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System.

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Integrate with your existing software

Shopify inventory system
Magento warehouse management
stitchlabs inventory system
sage wms integration

Built to support your customers’ needs

Purchases made with health & wellbeing companies are personal. The consumers want to better themselves. They want to know that what they have bought will positively impact their life. So they naturally expect their purchase journey to be as seamless and pleasant as possible. Guarantee it with Peoplevox’s industry-leading Warehouse Management System.

Peoplevox’s WMS will improve your warehouse’s performance. It copes will all of the pressures of a hectic e-Commerce environment, giving you control over your inventory, goods-in, despatch, fulfilment and reporting. If you understand the value of an organised warehouse, you need the support of a powerful WMS.

picking accuracy improved with peoplevox

Features to benefit your health & wellbeing brand

Make sure that every fulfilment is successful with Peoplevox’s WMS. Here are 3 ways your business will benefit:

100% traceability

100% traceability

With Peoplevox, you know where all of your inventory is at all times. There are no losses, no guesses, no silly mistakes. Take control of your stock.

faster and more accurate picking in your warehouse

Fast & accurate picking

Picking errors eat into your margins. Peoplevox puts a stop to this. Its design is purpose-built to avoid mistakes - pickers love it, and so do their bosses.

stop overselling online

No more overselling

Peoplevox’s WMS puts you in full control of your inventory, ensuring that you’ll never oversell any items again

Find out how Peoplevox can help your business

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