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goods receipt

Perfect your Goods Receipt Process

Take the stress out of getting goods into your warehouse.

Getting goods-in right is crucial.

When goods-in works as it should, it’s a joy. When it doesn’t, everything can go wrong. Peoplevox’s software takes the stress out of the goods-in process, helping you to intake all stock with agility and accuracy. Here are 3 of the software’s main features:


Peoplevox takes the lag out of the goods-in process, ensuring that all stock gets into the warehouse as quickly and accurately as possible.

faster at goods-in process


The interface is simple. And so are the processes; the returns feature helps to organise all consumer returns for reselling with great ease.


The Peoplevox WMS isn’t a one player game. Multiple operators can unload, receive and reconcile a single delivery. All at the same time.


Processing Returns With Peoplevox

We've made a short video showing an example of one way your returns process can work with the Peoplevox Android app. Keep your customers happy by processing their returns promptly.


Choose how you should receive & reconcile

It’s important that your WMS fits in with your priorities. Knowing this, we’ve made the product as flexible as possible. There are two ways of working to the right: request a call to talk through what’s right for you.

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Receive delivery by item or PO

You can receive all your orders by purchase order if that works for you. If you don’t have purchase orders to hand, you can choose to receive the delivery by item instead.

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Or receive goods without scanning

Sometimes you’re in a huge rush. So our software allows you to bypass scanning when needed, giving you the best opportunity to reconcile in double-time.


Getting goods-in right

What you get out is only as good as what you put in. That stays true for when it comes to booking goods into your warehouse. If your goods-in process is inaccurate then its difficult to recover.