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Fashion Fulfilment
in 2018. Get it Right.

Alongside expert advice, this e-book explains the fulfilment trends, processes and behaviours currently driving change in some of the fastest growing fashion e-commerce companies. 

Competition is going to be fiercer than ever next year; the most successful brands are going to be those with powerful fulfilment processes in place. 

What to expect from the e-book.

Over 14 pages, the e-book guides you through four of the main focuses that are vital to building customer trust; buying, returns, shipping and culture. Each section draws in real-world cases, explains how consumer expectations are forcing change and offers fulfilment advice that will help any scaling fashion e-commerce company. Scroll down for some highlights from the book.


For consumers, buying should be simple.

They see something, they want it, they get it. Easy. But, thanks to environmental changes, seasons are all messed up. It’s getting increasingly difficult to know what to stock, and when to develop the product ranges that consumers expect.

If you don’t have what they’re looking for, they’ll go elsewhere. If you don’t have enough of a popular item in stock, they’ll go elsewhere. If you say that you have something in stock on your website and, actually, you don’t then they might not ever come back to you...

It’s estimated that 25% of all fashion items ordered online are returned.

Returns are a known cost that fashion companies have to shoulder. Almost a fifth of online purchases include orders with multiple items of a similar size, shape or colour. (Financial Times).

These intentional returns have always been encouraged because they make sense; as well as helping the customer to navigate their own fitting issues, easy returns have been crucial in bridging the gap between the in-store and the e-commerce shopping experiences....



Getting fashion fulfilment right in 2018

Fulfilment isn’t just about process. It’s about understanding what your consumers want and making sure that your warehouse is robust enough to be able to deliver.

The expectations that consumers have of the brands that they shop with - whether that be inclusive returns or rapid shipping - are only going to heighten. The onus falls on your business to match their demands and to follow through...