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Warehouse management SYSTEM (WMS)

WMS software for fast growing fashion brands

We’ve been working with some of the world’s fastest growing fashion e-Commerce companies for almost 10 years. Over that time, we’ve honed our solution to make it the perfect fit for any retailer dealing with, or anticipating, rapid growth.


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integrate WITH your existing SYSTEMS

Shopify Plus
oracle and netsuite integration for wms
sage wms integration

Built for your business’ needs

Speed, flexibility and growth. Those are three of the main benefits we can offer your company. Fashion and apparel companies manage a large variety of processes every day - from stocking the optimum range of different sizes to handling customer returns. We know your pains. And we know how much of a help a Warehouse Management System can be.

Peoplevox’s WMS will improve your warehouse’s performance. It copes will all of the pressures of a hectic e-Commerce environment, giving you control over your inventory, goods-in, despatch, fulfilment and reporting. If you understand the value of an organised warehouse, you need the support of a powerful WMS.

order picking system

Features with fashion at their heart

There are challenges unique to the fashion industry. Our extensive experience within the industry has led to the development of several features.

accurate picking software

Batch picking

Fashion consumers likely aren’t just buying one thing. There are multiple sizes, and multiple items, in the majority of orders. We’ll help you to find the best layout for your warehouse. More productive, more effective.

online returns processes for business

Easy returns

Fashion companies see a higher number of returns than other industries. It’s not just expected; it’s encouraged. Peoplevox helps you to restock and resell returns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

growing warehouse operation

Confident growth

When a fashion company takes off, it takes off fast. Peoplevox can easily withstand the stresses of rapid growth. The software prepares for any growth spurts; even if you go from 50 orders one day to 10,000 the next.

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