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High levels of customisation and transparent pricing make Shipster a go-to partner for Peoplevox clients.

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Rapid label printing

Shipster is renowned for printing labels mega fast.


Custom workflows

Trigger pop-ups for address corrections or to capture customs data during the despatch flow.

inventory planner

Inventory Planner plugin

Shipster takes on more than shipping connections. Connect Inventory Planner for importing purchase orders and exporting good receipts notes.


Most trusted partner

Shipster is the most widely used and trusted shipping partner for Peoplevox clients in the UK.


Lighting-fast label printing

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HubSpot Video


Above: Mister Zimi using Peoplevox warehouse system and Starshipit for picking and shipping orders from their fashion warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.




What is Shipster?

Shipster was born and raised in Manchester City Centre and has grown exponentially since its creation in 2016.

The software was originally written to integrate a mutual client’s Peoplevox system with DPD, Royal Mail & FedEx and were able to build them highly custom system at a fraction of their anticipated price. Since then, huge organic growth following further requests from other companies and a huge chunk of business from word-of-mouth recommendations.

Shipster has since integrated with over 40 couriers, become an official Royal Mail Partner and grown an exciting client base in fashion, goods and food. Yum.


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