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ShipQuest 3PL Platform for e-commerce

The third-party logistics platform that turns Peoplevox into a multi-client, fit-for-purpose warehouse management system for 3PL's.

Pricing starts from $6,000 per year and varies depending on the number of e-commerce store and shipping connections you need.

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Automated billing

Pre-integrated to Xero accounting for automated invoicing.

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Customer portal

Give your clients a login to view their inventory and upload orders.



Integrated with popular e-commerce and shipping couriers.


Customer-specific billing

Automate billing schedules, rates and even payment holidays.


The smoothest pack & ship workflows

Combine the e-commerce warehouse management system of choice for high-growth brands and turn it to your competitive advantage as a 3PL using ShipQuest.

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Know what is going on in the warehouse

Align your warehouse operators behind your customer promises to get more done.