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Warehouse management SYSTEMS (WMS)

A WMS for cosmetics & fragrance

Beauty consumers buy specific products for a reason: they know what works best for them and they want to feel good. So it’s important that the fulfilment process runs without a hitch to ensure that they get exactly what they ordered at the moment that they want it. Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System helps you to make this happen, every time.

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integrate your business systems

Magento warehouse management
sage wms integration

Built with your customers in mind

When a customer gets the beauty product in their hand, without any hitches due to poor fulfilment, they’re delighted. Happy customers are the best brand ambassadors you can have; guarantee their smile by establishing water-tight organisational processes in your warehouse.

Peoplevox’s WMS will improve your warehouse’s performance. It copes will all of the pressures of a hectic e-Commerce environment, giving you control over your inventory, goods-in, despatch, fulfilment and reporting. If you understand the value of an organised warehouse, you need the support of a powerful WMS.

app for managing your inventory on android device

The features your business needs

Fulfilment doesn’t need to be a stressful and difficult process. Work with our experts to improve the way your warehouse works.

100% traceability of your stock

100% traceability

With Peoplevox, you know where all of your inventory is at all times. There are no losses, no guesses, no silly mistakes. Take control of your stock.

make picking more efficient

Efficient picking

The easy-to-use software determines the optimal routes for workers to take, ensuring quick and accurate picking.

fulfilment correct every time

Right every time

Peoplevox’s software makes the fulfilment process quicker, and more efficient, than ever. Right package, right time, every time.

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