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Case study: Helping CHO Fashion & Lifestyle avoid peak chaos

Fashion & Apparel

11 July 2018


Gareth O'Rourke, Director of International E-commerce and Buying for CHO Fashion & Lifestyle talks about working with Peoplevox and Visualsoft. 

No man is an island, and no piece of software created to support the growth of an e-commerce brand should stand alone either. When you're building your technology stack, one of the most important issues that you need to get a grasp of is how well all of the pieces of the software puzzle are able to integrate. 

While an e-commerce platform may look great, or a WMS might look like the perfect fit, you need to establish just how well they can work together. Is there any proof that your existing technology can seamlessly integrate with your new piece of software? Do you know exactly how long the integration is going to take? Is there anything that needs to be custom-built in order for everything to work? How much of your IT team's time will need to be devoted to oiling the gears that sit between the pieces of technology that power your operation? 

Ease of integration should be one of your top priorities

Visualsoft is one of our integrations. We work really well together. So when we had the opportunity to tell the story of how well we work together, we jumped at it. The video at the top of the page explains how our technologies have been working together to support premium retailer CHO Fashion & Lifestyle's growing e-commerce business. 

In it, Gareth from CHO Fashion & Lifestyle talks about the business' need to automate some of their processes. Before working with Peoplevox and Visualsoft, they were heavily reliant on manual methods to get the job done. As their business started to really take off, they realised that there were inefficiencies that they needed to tackle head-on. 

"If we hadn't implemented Peoplevox as a platform, the business would have really struggled to move forward. We've got a team of 6 in the warehouse at the moment and that would have been a team of 12 if we weren't using that particular platform."

When Gareth and his colleagues were able to step away from the tribal knowledge that prevailed in their warehouse and were enabled to take control of their processes with Peoplevox's WMS, they put the business in the best possible position to grow. 

Steer your business' growth with confidence

As the business start thinking about heading into its next peak season, it's doing so with the confidence that Visualsoft is providing a strong front-end, while Peoplevox is looking after the back-end. They're also moving forward safe in the knowledge that both of our platforms are able to work so well together.

Gareth cites the "seamless flow of data between the systems" as one of the major benefits of working with Peoplevox and Visualsoft. The capability for two systems to be able to effectively communicate with each other isn't something that should ever be underestimated.

If you're in the position where you're looking to expand your technology stack, make ease of integration of your top concerns. Ask your prospective new providers if the particular combination of technology is currently live with any of their clients. If it is, and if it's working well, then you're in for fewer headaches when it comes to implementation.

For more help with building out your technology stack, take a look at this video. If you'd like to find out more about Visualsoft's offering, And if you want to talk to somebody at Peoplevox about any of our integrations, you can find us in the livechat at the bottom of your screen.