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Two ways to fulfil orders like Amazon

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

02 March 2015

The Peoplevox mission is to give eCommerce companies a system that is affordable and which works as efficiently as Amazon. Jonathan Bellwood highlighted two key focus points that every eCommerce retailer should look at if they want to improve their order fulfilment. 

Key focus points

1) Cut off times

Between midnight and 6am, more people are shopping online in the UK. Amazon recently announced their 11:45am cut off for a parcel to be picked up between 4pm-11:59pm, depending on the collecting retailer. Traditional warehouses can, at best, only offer next day delivery.

So what if other online retailers offered a 10am cut off? They could pick everything by 10:45am and then ask carriers to collect their orders before Amazon in order to have it all dropped off by 4pm.

This may seem like a big ask for warehouse operators but so long as they avoid the most common eCommerce order picking mistakes they will be able to meet the increased demand and get orders picked, packed and despatched on time.

2) Trust factor

The reason people shop with Amazon is because they can trust their logistics. Customers know that when they order from Amazon it will arrive promptly and in the condition described on the site.

How can other eCommerce companies compete with this?

One of the biggest issues customers have is card security. People like to be reassured that when they put their card details onto a site that they are safe. Offering alternative payment methods such as PayPal is a workaround for this problem.

The second issue is knowing that their order will be picked accurately and delivered promptly. In the video, Jonathan Bellwood suggests having a short 30-second video before the customer clicks ‘buy’ to show everything that happens inside a warehouse after an order is received. If a customer understands the supply chain process and knows there is no room for human error, basket conversion is likely to go up.

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The biggest advantage that eCommerce retailers have over Amazon is that they have the ability to adapt and change more easily. Amazon’s system is so vast and deeply integrated that the cost of uprooting and implementing changes is incredibly steep. With a good warehouse management system, even the smallest retailers can improve their behind-the-scenes processes to meet those of the industry Goliath.

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