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Improve your eCommerce website usability with Practicology's web report

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

31 October 2014

Here at Peoplevox, we understand that optimising your warehouse with warehouse management software for eCommerce is essential. Similarly, optimising your eCommerce website and understanding what turns your viewers off and on is critical for engagement. Master this and see the sales soar. The highlights of Practicology's website usability report 2014 will give you insight on just that.

In their own words, Practicology are "experts in the science of eCommerce, the art of implementing it effectively and the practical experience to make it successful". We think they know what they're talking about, see the slides here:



An optimised website requires warehouse software that can cope with the increased orders - time to focus on fulfilment! Schedule your free Peoplevox web demo today to discover how we can optimise your warehouse:

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