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How To Match Warehouse Temps With Warehouse Vacancies

Oliver Rhodes
  • 03 May 2017
  • 3 min read


Quickly finding the right temporary staff during peak periods can be a real challenge for warehouse managers. Job ads may request experience in certain aspects of warehousing such as picking and packing, and temps may have CVs to match, but wouldn’t it be easier if, as well as skills in the relevant area, warehouse managers could find people with experience in doing things the way they are done in their warehouse?

And wouldn’t it be great for temps to find a way to stand out and show how they would be the best candidate for the job?

This piece suggests a simple idea to help warehouse managers and warehouse temps to find that perfect match.

Although at a high level one warehouse may appear to be very like another - goods in followed by movement or put away of goods, order picking, order packing and despatch - how each warehouse actually performs these operations can vary. Some warehouses may have a largely manual or paper-based process while others will use a Warehouse Management System (WMS) such as Peoplevox, Snapfulfil or SkuVault.

Now, adverts for office jobs often state the software products their ideal candidate would have experience of, such as Microsoft Word. Similarly, it is second nature for office temps to list the word processing, spreadsheet and other relevant products they have used, and savvy job seekers know which keywords they should include to ensure their CV gets picked up in searches. So why not do the same for warehouse vacancies?

A temp who has worked in a few warehouses is likely to have used at least one WMS - they may even have a favourite!  And if the warehouse with the vacancy runs a WMS that the temp already knows how to use, the temp could be productive immediately - doesn’t that make them more attractive to hire than someone with no experience of using that WMS?

So, warehouse managers, why not try stating which WMS you use on job vacancies, or seeking candidates who list experience with that WMS on their CVs?

And temps, next time you apply for a job or update your CV, just as an office temp would automatically list his or her experience with Microsoft products, why not list each WMS you have used - you never know, it might just help secure your next job!

If you would like more advise on how to make your warehouse more efficient or think you may need a warehouse management system feel free to get in touch with us.

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