Ecommerce retailers need a warehouse that can drive their growth, not one that slows it down.


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Peoplevox supports the growth journeys of the most ambitious brands. It's a warehouse system that tackles big problems that hurt so many operations: speed, accuracy and consistency.

Once implemented, we bullet-proof your customer experience by ensuring every order gets picked, packed and shipped accurately and on schedule. Then we help you scale up your resource for the big Peaks in your sales season.

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See our warehouse management system in action:

Barcode scanning for accuracy. Fast label printing at the pack stations. Pick and sort to trolley for multi-item order efficiency. All done on a handheld device with staff training possible in ~ 30 mins.



Expertise in warehouse layout, software and best practice

Peoplevox is proud to run in the fulfilment centres of over 200 customers in 25 countries and we've been at it for 10+ years. As a partner to your brand, we won't be leaving you to work it out for yourself, and invest our time in your success.








Workflows built for e-commerce and optimised for scale

Pick, pack and dispatch methods that cut out unnecessary steps and supercharge operator efficiency, without compromising on accuracy. Scaling an operation up for its busiest week of the year is our speciality and we've got the track record to prove it.








How do you currently track warehouse performance?

Peoplevox dashboards allow users to measure productivity, prepare accurately for Peaks and safeguard their customer experience, order by order. We've also found warehouse teams love some healthy competition!






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Customer success and ongoing support


After walking you step by step through the implementation process, a dedicated Client Success Manager will develop a long term strategy with you as you scale from 5 users to 50, or 1 warehouse in your home market to a global operation. Take it from Danny, the global operations director at Lorna Jane.


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Connecting into your tech stack

Peoplevox has established relationships with many global and local platforms across commerce, order management, shipping, business intelligence and more. Learn more about our integration ecosystem here.

When it comes to connecting with European carriers, we partner with Sendcloud, the leading all-in-one shipping tool on the market! A typical tech stack might look like the following, but we're always open to new integrations and a wide variety of e-commerce tools and apps.


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Integrations Directory

Our Hall of Fame

We've been behind-the-scenes at the legendary ecommerce scale up stories of this generation. Our processes are tried, tested and proven. Our customers range from Fast Track 100 winners and global unicorns to ambitious start-ups just moving into their first warehouse.

Working with Peoplevox means taking on a partner who will help you scale. We've seen it before:

Nov 2016
Ben Francis, Gymshark

90,000 orders on Black Friday, one year after a total warehouse collapse. Grew to £100mn with Peoplevox during scale-up. Now a $1.45bn household name.

jane circle
May 2018
Jane Lu, Showpo

With a reputation at stake and a social media frenzy, Showpo transformed their customer experience in 2018. Jane is now consistently topping charts as one of the most influential figures in fashion retail.

Dan and Melanie
Nov 2018
Daniel and Melanie, Lounge Underwear

The first Lounge 'Warehouse' was an Ikea storage unit in their apartment. 4 facilities later, Lounge's HQ is a model of fulfillment superiority, serving their global market and 300% growth.

Adam Frisby
Jul 2019
Adam Frisby, In The Style

In 2013, In The Style was £1000 investment into a 'bedroom business'. Tapping into a booming social media culture, Adam now boasts a £30mn fashion empire.

C Kings
Nov 2021
Culture Kings

To round out our biggest year ever, we went live with Culture Kings - streetwear royalty. With over 200 warehouse employees, their scale is showing the world what Peoplevox can do.

Want to know the details of purchasing and implementing our WMS for ecommerce?

Our WMS Buyers' Guide will help you understand what it takes to transform fulfillment into a competitive advantage as an e-commerce retailer or direct-to-consumer brand. The guide opens as a file (no downloads here!) and will go through:

  • What is Peoplevox and why we built a WMS for e-commerce
  • Key functionality, features and what kinds of benefits it can bring to e-commerce warehouses
  • Who uses Peoplevox and what they like it about
  • The implementation process to get Peoplevox up and running!



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