Warehouse management SYSTEM (WMS)

A WMS system for online wholesalers

With B2B selling, reputation is everything. Deliver an efficient and professional service on time and you’re putting your business in a good position to succeed. Ensure that your fulfilment doesn’t let you down: take control of all warehousing processes with Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System. 

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Built  for efficiency

We work with some of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce companies and have been doing so for almost a decade. The reliability of our service is one of the main reasons that we rank so highly with our customers. They trust us to make their warehouses run like they should; we make sure that it happens.

Peoplevox’s WMS covers all fulfilment processes, from goods-in through to despatch and everything in-between. It gives you an easily digestible overview of where everything is in your warehouse, how everything’s going and whether there are any issues.

And it’s incredibly easy to use. After just a few minutes training, anyone has the ability to use our Android and Windows apps to quickly and accurately pick items along optimised routes tailored to your warehouse’s layout. It’s the tool that makes sure that you get it right on time, every time.

picking orders app for inventory management

The right solution for your business

The B2B commerce world has concerns that aren’t shared by consumer-facing companies. We’ve tailored our system to meet your company’s specific needs.

99.99% picking accuracy

99.99% picking accuracy

Combine great order management with an easy-to-use WMS to make sure that the right package reaches the right customer every time. Remove the margin for human error.

Quick turnaround on orders

Quick turnaround

When a client asks for products within a tight timeframe, you want to do your best to make them happy. Peoplevox’s WMS helps you to do just this by improving warehouse efficiency.

Total inventory traceability

Total traceability

With Peoplevox, you know where all of your inventory is at all times. There are no losses, no guesses, no silly mistakes. Take control of your stock.

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